Scent Of Heaven Ministries

How we started

I had suffered from bipolar depression and sever anxiety for 23 years.  During that time Father God promised he would heal me and one day I would share my story of His love and faithfulness in my life. He healed me in 2017 and told me it was time to share his love.  I started by sharing videos on YouTube.  Just stories of God's faithfulness in my life,  I started praying about a name for the ministry. One morning in January  2019 the Lord spoke and said HARK! I was sound asleep and heard the word HARK! I jumped out of bed and said Hark What? Yes Lord? What? And silence. So I asked Alexa what does hark mean? “As a verb Hark is usually defined as to listen intentively, Harken. As a noun Hark is usually defined as a hunter's shout to hounds as to encourage them to follow the scent.” I spent the day pondering the definition of Hark. That night the Lord spoke to me and said “Only involve yourself in activities that carry the scent of heaven.” Thus the idea came for the name “Scent Of Heaven Ministries.” I spent another month praying about it and the Lord used several people to confirm the name. Thus Scent Of Heaven Ministries was born. We purchased the Scent Of Heaven Ministries domain on 5/30/19. Forty years to the day that the Lord spared my life and sent my mother (who had died 2 years before) to tell me I could not go to Heaven yet, God had work for me to do on earth.

Can you take Romans 8:28 and
Jeremiah 29:11 out of context?

June 29, 2019

 I’ve read several articles that say you can take Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11 out of context. Then they go into long explanations on why they don’t really mean what you think they mean claiming those promises are not for you individually. What's the truth? Truth~~ I have seen horrible bad things happen in my life and God has used each one for good, every single time. All God's promises are for you.

He did not bring the bad into my life, but he turned it for good. He has taken the pain and the heartache and has made something beautiful out of it. Was it God’s plan and will for my life to be molested as a little girl or raped at 21, mentally abused by an alcoholic father or physically abused by an alcoholic drug using husband, to be abandoned and left fending for myself with 2 little boys with no money for food or clothing. No!! Did he work it for good? Absolutely, Yes most definitely!

Joseph told his brothers, “What you meant for harm God used for good.” I will believe Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28 out of context all day long. Because in or out of context God is good. He loves us with an everlasting love. And only good and perfect gifts come from the Father of lights.  Yes, the devil had plans for my life too. Plans to harm me, to kill me. But God triumphs over evil and he has brought peace and joy into a broken and hurting life.

What he did for me he will do for you. He does have a good plan for your life. One of peace and blessing and Oh, he is so good, so loving, so kind, he is absolutely amazing. If you put your trust in him he will never ever let you down. Never!! Even to our last breath he is faithful. One day we will step out of this earthly shell and stand before our God. Oh, what a day that is going to be. Glory!!!

Because I went through the things I went through I found God is always faithful even when we are faithless. He always keeps his promises. No word from him ever returns void. It does accomplish all that it was sent forth to do. I testify that not one promise God has made to me has ever failed. Every promise has come to pass and I am blessed beyond belief.

Trust him, he does have good plans for you. Plans to bless, plans to prosper, to give you a future and hope. He loves you more than you could ever dare to imagine. He is right there with you now for he says he will never leave you or forsake you.

Trust him, trust his word because it’s all true. Every single word is truth and life and love.


Ministering to a Home Church In Pakistan

A Blessing Given to Me June 6, 2019

This morning, I was blessed by being given a chance to minister to three families in a home church in Pakistan via live stream.

The message was how much God loves each of us. I was given the opportunity to pray for the children present and that God work wonders in their lives. 

It was a humbling experience. We take our liberty to freely worship God in America for granted at times. These families know their liberty to do so openly can be limited and at times they take real risks in expressing their Faith.

We are charged with taking that message to the nations be it to 1000s or to a few families at a time.

I was blessed this morning to be given the chance to say God loves us all.


Women of the Kingdom Summit 2019

Amazing and Glorious 12 May 2019

I have been ministering with Woman of the Kingdom now for 10 months.  It’s an extraordinary ministry headed by MaryAnn Robertson.  We had a Leadership Summit, in May, in the mountains of Colorado.

 As we ascended the mountain there was a rainbow that many saw covering the mountain from one side to the other.  As I ascended the switchback it began to snow.  I said Aww Lord Snow? And he said to me, “Yes and as the rain and the snow come down from heaven my word will not return to me void.”  I began praising him for the snow.  He has given me so many promises of the future many have come to pass but many are about to be fulfilled.

 I had struggled with back pain since 2009 when I slipped and fell on ice.  The Lord had healed some of the pain so I no longer had to be on pain meds but two months before the Summit I was hit with terrible back pain and pain in my feet.  I could hardly walk or stand for any period of time.  I had also been struggling with hearing loss.  Which I knew the Lord was going to heal I just didn’t know when. 

The first night a word came forth that God was healing someone’s hearing.  The young lady said “I see the little hairs dancing in your ears as Holy Spirit is blowing through your ear canals.”  I said” Oh Lord thank you I know you are hearing my ears.”  That whole weekend the bones in my ears were grinding and popping and I could feel them moving around.  At times the blood was thumping so hard through them it was hard to hear anything else.  Had I not known the Lord was healing my ears I would have been concerned.

During the three days I was there the pain in my back had intensified so bad that I really was struggling to walk.  I was also experiencing pain in my legs and knees making it hard to stand.  The pain in my feet was the worst though.  It honestly felt like I had a nail in the center of each foot.  They were excruciating to walk on.  As I was walking to the meeting one night I asked Jesus if the pain in my feet could just be a touch of what he felt on the cross.  I was overcome by his goodness to suffer so much for us and at that point I actually thanked him that I had been allowed to experience pain and deafness so that I could have compassion on others who were hurting and struggling.  I vowed that even if I had to go into the nations with hearing aids and a wheelchair I would go and declare the goodness of God should he choose to send me.

For months we prayed that we would see God’s glory at the Summit.  To be in the presence of his Glory.  I was hearing the Lord say before we went up “In my Glory demons flee.  In my Glory infirmities are healed.  In my Glory nothing can prevail against my people.”  His presence was so powerful all weekend.  We saw things from the heavenly realm.  We saw Stars of David dancing on the ceiling.  Swirling beautiful silver Stars of David.  I honestly thought there was a Star of David disco ball swirling on the front ceiling and dismissed it as a natural occurrence because it was so constant, so flowing, and at every meeting.  I asked MaryAnn at the Debrief about the disco ball and she said there was nothing on the stage that would reflect and swirl Stars of David.  There was no Star of David disco ball.

When the Glory of God fell it was nothing I had ever experienced before.  The holiness, the depth of God and his goodness.  I hurt so bad I said “Lord I don’t think I can get on the floor” The next thing I knew I dove for the floor.  As I laid there I was overcome at times with deep weeping, at other times the sheer magnitude of God’s holiness overcame me and I could do nothing but cry “Holy, holy, holy!"  It was a life changing event.  When the Lord’s presence lifted I was healed.  My ears were healed and I have had no more pain in my feet or in my back.  He truly healed me and gave me a new sense of direction.  The greatest thing that he instilled in me that day was a deep reverential fear of the Lord.  That was missing in our relationship.  Not that I am afraid of my loving Father in heaven but I got a glimpse of his sheer and awesome holiness and I have been changed to my very core.  Nothing will ever be the same again.

As I was coming off the mountain that day I heard the Lord say “Never take the things of my spirit as common”.   I vow Oh God to never ever act as though anything from your hand is common.  I felt like I got a small taste of what Katherine Kuhlman meant when she would say “Oh don’t grieve my Holy Spirit.  He is all that I have.”