Scent of Heaven Ministries Statement of Belief

We believe that the bible is the infallible, inspired and true Word of God.  We believe that God is one, Elohim.   We believe there are 3 distinct persons of the Godhead.  The Father, the Son Jesus who is the Christ and Holy Spirit.  We believe that man was created in the very image of God, but through sin we had lost our place of authority and dominion that was given to us in the beginning.

We believe through Jesus coming as a man, living a sinless life and dying a horrific death on the cross that we have been forgiven, cleansed of our sins and made Co-Heirs with Jesus Christ.  We believe that we are now seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.  As children of God we have been given back the authority that was stolen from us from the eternal loser aka devil.  We believe that we have been grafted into the Abrahamic Blessings and that we are Children of the Most High God.

We believe that there is no other way for a man to be saved but to call upon the name of Jesus Christ.  To repent, turn from sin, ask Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of our lives and become children of God.  We believe that Father God made Jesus the only way to Heaven.  There are not many ways to heaven, only one and that way is through Jesus.  Jesus is truly the way, the truth and the life. 

We believe that Jesus is returning to earth one day in all Majesty, all Power and all Glory.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in this world today.  We believe that he indwells each believer, we also believe that God’s glory is being poured out upon the earth at this time in an unprecedented way. God is revealing himself by miracles, wonders, signs and by his great love he is calling in the masses. 

We believe the mission of the church is to go out into the fields for the Harvest.  There are those who are perishing without the knowledge of God and his love for them.  We believe it’s time for the church to arise and be the force it was meant to be in this earth. The great end time army with Mercy in our hearts and Glory on our faces. 

We believe it is time to put away the religious activities and religious judgements and embrace the call of God to go forth into all the nations and declare the Kingdom of God is here.

We believe we are living in the time where the Glory of the Lord is covering the earth as the water covers the sea.  That this is the time of visitation of our God to bring in the harvest and usher in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that we were called for such a time as this.